What have YOU killed today???????

I killed the final mantis.  ‘Whoo hooo.  Sooooo excited.  Read more about my experiment here.  Then read what the good old blog finder found for me…another failed mantis experiment.  She is just as insane as I am, only she grew her own fruit fly factory!!!

One comment

  1. Thanks for the link to my blog. I was so excited about raising a praying mantis. It didn’t sound that hard, but it was a total flop. We even bought a second egg case off eBay and tried again, but that one never hatched. By that time, I was sick of caring for the fruit flies, so I let them all go. I didn’t know you could buy them at Petco; that would have been so much easier. Our fruit flies came in the mail with the original egg case from whatever scientific supply company sold our mantis house (it was a gift to my son).

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