Spinning again, I am going to need some new clothes

Okay, I promise, not all of my posts are going to be about clothing.  I do have to continue this thread for a while though.  Glad to hear a couple of you have reached out and ordered some Aerotech shorts.  Let me know how you like them.  I am here to tell you I am going to need some new ones soon.  I don’t have enought to get me through the week.  (Much to the disbelief of my friend Steve, I actually do wash the clothing and have more than one pair.)  I digress.

I wanted to let you know that I went back to spin class this morning.  I have been absent for more than weeks…it’s been months.  What a refreshing reminder of how much I can actually sweat in the course of 45 minutes.  I was very happy that the cycling instructor actually took the time to go from cyclist to cyclist to check on our form and bike set up.  Anyhow, 3 hours later and my cheecks are no longer bright red and my body temperature is back to normal.  I heard an interesting bit on NPR about the benefits of interval training this morning.  I always feel so good after class, but studies are really showing the amazing benefits of speed bursts instead of a steady consistent pace.  So, I am shaking up the system here and am going to keep it up….it is only a matter of weeks till the hilly hundred.


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