Adventure Racing…interesting, fun or insane??

Been off triathlons this season. Wanted to come clean about that. I haven’t completely given up the sport, just taken a bit of a break…just ask the workout girls or the swim coach. What I have decided though, is that something has got to give. I have been hearing more and more about adventure racing. My girl Kitty has done some wild ones here in the big shoulders city. I have another girlfriend who is doing insane things in Michigan…like really crazy 15 hour races. What I want to know is, how do you ease into this sport, what are some good races to set entry goals on? I need to know what races you like, hate, and which ones I don’t have to kill myself to train for and finish. Ideas and suggestions are seriously welcome and wanted!!



  1. I race a bit. My first race was a 2 hour and my second was a 3.5 day. I have completed many in between. My advice would be to start with a sprint in your area. This way you will get the enjoyment of competing while learning about what an AR is. First find a team of at least one other person who has done a race or two. Second, unless you know orienteering I would find a race without this in it (many sprint races have set courses). Race courses are really going to depend on where you are at. This will give you a good idea of the terrain. Best bet is to find someone who has done one before in your area. Good luck

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